Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo BoxA Synopsis

An advanced regular visitor of my blog, you should be familiar with Yakima Cargo box. I already posted detailed review about Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box. Now, my review is approximately Pro 16s rooftop cargo box. It is rather much like pro 16 version because it is just upgraded version. You can find some a few extra features because of this box. Let’s discuss more in features section.

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Features of Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box Review

1. Large Interior With Aero Dynamic Design

As you know, Yakima always produces great products in terms of quality and versatility. This is not the exceptional. So, you can make use of every feature of Yakima. The designers built it to give you flexibleness and also convenience. The container might be quite portable to everyone vehicles. Specifically, little vehicles are able to use it without having stressing with regards to dimension issue. The aerodynamic style lowers increasing computing devices regarding pulling along with forwarding so for this reason there’s no issues to do business with it. To help you utilize it’s cross club bunch. This is furthermore extremely very easy to create. The balance appends to the track by using an stretchy band which you resolve throughout screwing along along with securer. This particular bunch works having just about any side rails.

2. High Quality Glossy Finish & Hatch Clearance

The hatch clearance will likely be improved along with that’s your little friend vehicle proprietors may take advantage of it. The pot might be fit sometimes inside ahead or even in reverse applying in order to tolerate expandable increasing partitioning. In order that it generates the space along with deliver forth slack as well as scratch clear of charge footwear. It includes amazing look and high hatch clearance that’s the main notable feature from the yakima skybox pro 16s rooftop cargo box. Institution on the container is usually staggeringly simple. You can find 4 cinches that open up along with close when using change linked with manage encased from the circumstance. Almost any support slides onward or maybe backwards in order to oblige space regarding the crossbars. Many of these clasps talk with most vegetable cross bars, round bars along with clearly Yakima offers cross club packages to setup just about any automobile.

3. Ease of Use

Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box

Yakima permits you to find equipment no matter if you could be from the vacationer side or maybe motorist side. With regardless of what placed the actual jar unwraps, the inside set with lighting will likely be consequently opened. Therefore, presumably you need to use that in any lighting problems. Even though the pocket provides, interior prime lifters sustain your prime open up for with no arms get access to along with in case you are done, in essence move one of several contacts nudists through from your prime for fundamental final. Yakima Protected Fastener progress ensures that almost all perimeters within the prime are usually totally closed, along with incorporated One-Key fasten barrels be sure that stays in fact.

4. Lifetime Warranty & High Quality Materials

The double-sided opening and push catch security let simple access on both sides of your car or truck and guarantee your top is safe plus your apparatus sheltered with included lock centers. Speedy dial mounting equipment fits Yakima round, square, industrial facility and most streamlined bars. The great thing is you will get life-time warranty for the Yakima 16s cargo box.

Pros of Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box Review

  1.  High hatch clearance
  2.  Life span warranty
  3.  Easy to use from both sides
  4.  Excellent Materials for improved lifetime
  5.  Highly portable

Cons of Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box Review

  1.  The extra edge and plastic lid was the challenge. They are not sturdy enough to present comfort installation
  2.  Price is higher compared to previous versions of Yakima cargo boxes


As you can see Yakima has overall rating of 4.5 on amazon site, there exists absolutely no way to get disappointed with all the product. Everyone appreciated Yakima with this another wonderful product. Do you will be added in the list of subscribers who give 5 star rating.


This is not a cost-effective yakima cargo box craigslist, but you’ll find it is extremely much useful for a long-term vacation. The key reason which is why I suggest this product for you personally is that it is portable, durable and you get lifetime warranty. So, if you require to use it rarely for a vacation and when your things not too much, you can get it from amazon store for proper price.


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