Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box Review

Thule Atlantis Series Cargo BoxDo you plan to get a cargo box with impressive features? Not like to spend more money but need it the very best cargo box on your car? I will suggest that you buy Thule series cargo box that will offer car a really attractive look. It’s three series from that you can purchase the best one which is affordable and well suited for your automobile. Thule is an excellent brand which always produces quality products. This is such a decent economical box from your same brand. You are going to wonder to find out the car’s look after you install it.

Features of Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box

* High Load Bearing Capacity

The principle feature is regarded as if we buy a thule rooftop box is its load bearing capacity. You are able to store of up to 110 lbs which is very secure to keep everything weight without any problem. This area comes in numerous sizes that will convey any place in all the various 12 – 21 cubic feet of what you may can pack inside. . For this test, I considered the Atlantis 1800 with 18 cubic feet of capacity, the 1800 can convey approximately 8 sets of skis or 4 snowboards having a most extreme amount of 198 cm. Obviously it can likewise take gear like protective caps, packs, boots, coats and posts. On a single late excursion I’d 3 sets of skis, 2 sets of boots, a sack, a safety cap and 2 sets of shafts with space for additional. While load boxes are generally used for winter sports, they are additionally extraordinary for bringing along tents along with other summer gear. In terms of possible for the Atlantis 1800 is 110 lbs and that’s bounty.

* Splendid Look

It is just a full black box that gives you mesmerizing look. Thule products has this feature and this is too. Your car will acquire great look and you will surprise to find out the auto after mounting it. The outer material is coated with black which is good quality material and that it could keep it’s polish forever. It additionally comes in either dark or silver for individuals who must shading coordinate with their vehicle

* Convenience

Establishment of the container is staggeringly simple. There are four cinches that simply enter and exit together with the turn of handle housed in the case. Every brace slides forward or even in reverse to oblige the length between crossbars. These clasps use most plant cross bars, round bars and clearly Thule offers cross bar packs to fit any vehicle. The S.U.V. has side, to help you utilize Thule’s cross bar pack. This was likewise extremely an easy task to introduce. The balance appends on the rails by means of a flexible strap which you fix around screwing down and fastener. This pack will work with any side. As soon as the crossbars were build I essentially lifted true in the rails, balanced the braces and turned the handles to close the cinches. The process involved under ten mins. The sliding clips managed to get easy to affect the fit. At 47 lbs. it isn’t the very least demanding thing to wear and off, however could undertake it without anybody else input.

* Highly Durable

The product or service is very durable and you will have extended life than other similar best cargo boxes. It’s three varieties knowning that categorized depending on the storage capacity. You can get any one as each and every one has high durability and life. It is possible to mount and easily apply it in one hand. The sliding clips managed to get easy to affect the fit. At 47 lbs. it isn’t the very least demanding thing to wear and off, however could undertake it without anybody else input.

Pros of Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box

Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box

  1.  Reduced Price
  2. Highly Durable
  3. Three varieties to find the desired one
  4. Splendid look
  5. Easy to use and store
  6. High load bearing capacity

Cons of Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box

  • There’s no big con apart from its inner materials which are not high quality but with this budget it can be acceptable
  • For some High range SUVs it can be challenging to operate

Customer Opinions

The product has become exceptionally positive input from your genuine clients who may have used for quite a while and months. In any case, you can view from amazon that simply several item sold more than 1.5 year. The reason might be cost and require. Individuals are truly cheerful to own bought this extraordinary item from Amazon.


Overall, Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box is definitely great product at affordable price range. You’ve three models to pick one. It’s well suited for maximum kinds of cars apart from some SUVs which may have small folks. Otherwise, there isn’t any problem on buying this. You will keep and store your things for days on end time without a single issue. The product or service is
fully recommended.


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