Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box Review

Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box reviewIf you are thinking about moving cargo inside your car which too within a safe and complex way, then is is smart to go into to get a well chosen and well thought medium cargo box that could fit snugly on the top of your car or truck. Amongst the various options you can purchase you will find reasons to believe choosing Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box may not be an awful. This is because it really is feature rich and possesses a number of functionalities that may distinguish it.

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Why It’s So Popular

Going by various reviews you will find reasons to believe this type of cargo box is one area that may offer good affordable. Although it looks quite small, and compact, it is quite generous as far as storing capacity is involved. In fact it could hold a lot of stuffs to get a family of four. In many cases the therapy lamp has managed to accommodate 3 duffles. Even though this there exists space enough other activities. Further it’s also totally waterproof inside the true a feeling of the term.

Key Features of Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box

Amongst the various features which might be interesting, this type of type of cargo box comes with a unique and patented AeroNose Design. It certainly helps a good deal in cutting through air. Apart from reducing drag that may negatively impact speed of the vehicle, it also reduces noise quite significantly. Therefore it could be the correct choice for everyone who is trying to combine looks with performance.

In addition, it incorporates another patented feature known as rear-angled base. This goes a long way in ensuring stability in the event the box is affixed atop the care. In addition, it has vehicle mounting points which can be expanded. They actually go a long way in hatch clearance and trunk clearance which can be another feature which perhaps has won the trust and confidence of a large number of customers.

The best cargo boxes even offers an occasion-tested and proven AcuTight Mounting feature. This feature is incredibly special as it helps to ensure that the cargo box locks not until it has been mounted properly. Till such time the true secret won’t come out from the rooftop cargo box. Hence, mishaps happening because of wrong mounting might be avoided.Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box review

Other Features Worthwhile Considering

Moving forward main features there are a few more points that may help it become the ideal cargo box choice:

  1. They are available in a SecureLock feature which is quite oversized. This goes a long way in making sure the therapy lamp is definitely securely closed. Even at high speeds users can be sure that the box won’t budge one inch or open.
  2. In addition, it has a very convenient and user-friendly loading and unloading feature. This can help you take out belonging in the sides of the roof cargo boxes while not having to dismount it.
  3. It is usually totally waterproof and will withstand reasonable amount of drenching.
  4. Another big feature could be the various sizes in which the cargo box came. It will come in storage capacities ranging from 11 cubic feet to 17 cubic feet. Then it can suit varying sizes of households.

It is made in two colors, Metallic Silver and Automative Black.

Pros With The Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box

  • It is lightweight but simultaneously very rugged and difficult. It could handle high speeds plus handle very rough climate conditions very well.
  • The fastener is also worth mention because it does not permit the answer to be removed unless the lock is firmly in place. This ensures safety of the belongings inside best roof cargo box at all points of your time.
  • Her right space for storing as well as the length and breadth are just perfect. The ergonomics are only great. Hence when one combines all of the attributes it is a box that is certainly complete and holistic.

Testimonials And Scores

Using the testimonials you will find reasons to believe theĀ Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box has great acceptance from customers. It has near 45 reviews and you know what is that almost 80% of the reviews have ratings of 4 and above which certainly causes it to be a good product. Customers who have bought this cargo box have stated they are getting trouble free services for several years.

Cons Worth Mention

There’s nothing seriously wrong using the product. However, there exists some caution which should be exercised when opening the cargo box on the move. Both sides should never be opened simultaneously. This really is flaw if someone want to think it over. Otherwise this can be a product which offers excellent affordable towards the customers.


After taking into account various pros, cons, features and specifications there exists need to believe this device is a very good deal and provides longer lasting service from all of points of view.

  1. Oversized SecureLock ensures the therapy lamp is closed securely and properly just before driving
  2. Dual-Side Opening for loading/unloading from each side of the vehicle

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