KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish

KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail FinishAs the mother of an very active two year old boy, your day which he learned to crawl from his crib, was your day that my biggest fear had been a reality. My baby was not longer safe in their crib and that i was terrified which he would fall and break an arm or leg while wanting to climb out. I used to be also scared to death to go away him unprotected after we converted his crib with a toddler bed because he still tossed and turned an excessive amount of with an unguarded sleeping environment. I didn’t want him to roll out in their sleep and acquire injured. I didn’t know what to do to help keep my little angel safe until I discovered the KidCo convertible crib bed rail. The product was obviously a Godsend given it kept my little boy safe and guarded him from accidentally rolling off of his converted toddler bed. The peace of mind it has given me like a mom along with the safety it has provided in my son may be worth much the purchase price I taken care of this guard rail system. Easily could provide it with twenty stars, I’d on the other hand must accept the absolute maximum rating of 5 stars.

Special Features of KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish

Installing the KidCo bed rail was very simple and easy , it only took a couple of minutes. It was included with simple installation instructions. I’m not really a really handy person on the other hand could properly install the rail on my small son’s Delta Bentley Convertible bed in just a few minutes. I didn’t must take any tools, that was a very important thing since I’m not really a power tool type of human and that i could install it properly around the first try. I wish most of my son’s toys were as simple to create because this crib bed rail was.

Décor Options

I additionally liked the décor options that accompany this bed rail. The wood is not hard to stain or paint to match your existing bed color and nursery decoration theme. When researching accessories, We have often thought it was difficult to find wood that is a perfect complement existing furniture. Set up color might be a off, it bothers me immensely and would end up driving me nuts. A simple trip to the shop for wood stain able to stain the rail towards the exact match of my son’s bed and dresser. It turned out very smooth and easy to stain and it only took one coat to appear fantastic. You can’t consider it and tell that it wasn’t manufactured using the original bed.

Convenience And Quickness

I used to be also happy about how easy the rail was to maneuver when changing bed sheets. Convenience and quickness are vital that you me like a busy mom who spends most of time chasing a running toddler. Exactly the other night, my son had a nighttime diaper blow-out and it only required a couple of minutes to strip your bed, replace the soiled linens having a clean sheet and still have him right back in bed using the safety of the guard rail. It really took longer to completely clean up my son laptop or computer did to strip and replace the sheets.

Pros of KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish

KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail Finish
As being a mom of an very rambunctious toddler, safety factors a continuing worry so that as a girl, something looks nice and attractive can also be essential. The KidCo convertible crib bed rail provided me with everything I desired:

  1.  Safety in my toddler
  2.  Comfort personally and my husband
  3.  The opportunity to stain the rail to fit your bed furniture
  4.  Easy installation with higher instructions
  5.  Easy maneuvering when cleaning and stripping your bed linens

Customer Reviews

Currently the product has 76 customer reviews on Amazon, having an overall rating of four.5 from 5 stars. Almost all of people who reviewed the KidCo Bed rail gave it whether four to five star ratings, having a general reception that is mostly positive among consumers.

Cons of the product

Some reviews have complained how the rail is just not bolted towards the bed. I have faith that is a great thing. This permits for removal when changing bed linens. What’s more, it will allow for easy removal when my little guy no longer needs your bed rail. I shouldn’t take a look at ugly bolt holes as he gets large enough to nap devoid of the rail. I feel prefer that would ruin the appearance of your bed. I bought a convertible bed in order that I possibly could use it for quite a long time and that i shouldn’t take a look at unattractive bolt holes just about every time I put him to bed or head into his room.


I have been called an overprotective mom many, often times and that i love the KidCo convertible bed rail. I’d highly recommend it to our friends. There is absolutely no alternative to something that keep my young boy safe as they sleeps and, because of this, allows me and my husband to nap better.


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