Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Reviews

Bags serves many purposes. From holding books to carrying personal effects, it can carry pretty much everything. Bags can also be statement accessory on your outfit of the day. The type of bag that you carry tells a lot about your personality and style. The leather bag for the job is none other than Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack.

However, picking the right bag can be exhausting. With so many brands, styles, colors, price tags, and design, it is truly difficult to pick the right one.

Main Features

Of course, if you want a bag that will go with any type of outfit, a leather backpack is the ideal bag for a woman on the go. Aside from being elegant and with fashionable look, this type of bag can go with any outfit.

This is designed with pure genuine leather with a fabric lining. This assures that the bag will last a long period of time and usage. The leather adds a chic vibe on its modern design making it suitable for all ages.

Another great thing about the bag is the dimension. With a practical size of 10 inches in length by 4.5 inches in width by 13 inches in height, this leather laptop backpack can carry your personal effects like make up, small notebook, or even a fresh change of shirt.

Other features

The Coolcy also boasts itself for being an organized bag. It has an interior pocket for cell phones or gadget, a small sized zipper pocket for pieces of papers like receipts or important notes and a handy exterior front and back pockets with zipper closure.

The leather bag is also lightweight. It weighs only 28 oz. which is convenient to carry around. Speaking of being carried around, the leather laptop backpack for women has adjustable shoulder straps so that the carrier will always be comfortable while carrying it especially if it is loaded.


Here are some pros or advantages of this bag from the other ones

· Leather is luscious and durable

· Adjustable shoulder straps for comfort

· Numerous pockets for gadgets or coins

· Comes in different colors

· Has a gold tone making it look classy


Of course there will be disadvantages too. Though it isn’t much, it is worth to know that it has some minor issues.

· Too small for 14” laptops

· Style is too minimalistic for others

· Zippers are too big and can get stuck


If you need a back pack that isn’t too big, the Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack will fit you perfectly. It’s not too big that it will be a burden to carry and it is not too small that you can’t fit a laptop or tablet inside of it.

In terms of storage, though minimal in storage space it is still valuable that it has different pockets to hold other things. It is also strategic that the pockets are easy to open and reachable. The adjustable straps also adds to its practicality.

The only major downside that can be seen in this bag is the design. The leather is good but the design can be improved especially for those who prefers something that has more flare.

In the end, the leather laptop bag is convenient and practical to use.


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